Rat Patrol were formed in Exeter in the South West of England in 1982 and went on to play around 100 gigs, mainly in the Exeter area until their final live show in 1991.

For the purposes of simplicity this site also lists gigs by Rat Patrol under various pseudonyms. These include “Assault On Paradise“, “A Fools Paradise” and “Westway“.

The only constant group member throughout all 4 incarnations was lead singer/rhythm guitarist, Pablo (Citizen) Alf. It would be hard to define the type of music the band played, as over the years the style changed dramatically. Early Rat Patrol music was heavily influenced by The Clash (without remotely sounding like them), while later material was more reminiscent of The Alarm and Mercenary Skank (two major influences).

Line Up

Rat Patrol members were:

Honorary members include:

Steve Bull (Mouth Harp) | Ray Beavis (Saxophone) | Mad Hugo from Belfast (Saxophone) | Dave Moore (Rhythm Guitar) | Joe Fitzpatrick (Synthesiser)| Steve (The Sheriff) Joyce (Bass)