The Dollar & The Sun is a rewrite of the song, Airstrip One, originally penned by Attila The Stockbroker and Steve Drewett of the Newtown Neurotics.

It is in essence a damning inditement of both British and American cultures, drawing parallels between the far right in Britain and the Donald Trump led Republican party in the U.S. It goes like this……

Another new year and too much beer as I puke into the sea
The lights down in the harbour, still look the same to me
And there’s some bloke on the radio saying things that I’ve heard before
And he’s going on about Brexit, and it’s getting rather a bore

While out there down near Mexico’s a yankee with a gun
And here in good old England we’ve got fascists and The Sun
We will have fun, watch the bastards run…..

Well the Dover lights shine brightly, as the wheels eat up the road
Cos the motorways are all gridlocked now and they’re carrying a deadly load
And the BNP are mobile, and there’s Mosely in the air
And the drivers name is Yaxley, and he’s too far gone to care

Well if you think your call to prayers are mightier than the gun
Well I’ll tell you that your dreaming, cos the countdown’s just begun
We will have fun, watch the bastards run…..

Well, some folks are angry, some folks are cool, read all the newspapers don’t be a fool, facebook and twitter and just look at me, is not the place you’ll get to see the bastards run….

Well some choose civilisation, and a promise unfulfilled
And some choose extermination, when it’s somebody else who gets killed
A nation of insanity and a world that doesn’t care, about their fellow creatures, and about the call to prayers

So send those fucking cowboys riding off and with their guns
And send with them the culture of the Dollar and the Sun
Then we’ll have fun…watch the bastards run…..

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